Ryan Bailie- Rio Test Event Report

Rio Test Event
Hey are you that guy that did the front flip over the barriers at the Rio Test event on that descent on
your push bike?! Yeah that was me! Dude that was crazy! Thanks (video can be found on Ryan or Project Instagram)

A few conversations have gone along these lines lately… Nothing quite worked out the way I had planned in Rio on the 4th of August. This is racing and sometimes things don’t go your way no matter how hard you try. For those unaware Rio had an automatic Olympic Spot on the Australian team for the first Aussie in the top 10. With a solid build up in training in the lead up there was no reason this wasn’t possible if the cards fell my way and the processes were followed. A beach start on Copacabana beach was a pretty cool way to start the Triathlon. A swim slightly down on my expectations was how the day started slightly missing the all important front group by 20
seconds. There was a good chance we could catch the lead group if the chase pack were to work together. A cohesive group never eventuated and we would loose seconds each lap to the leaders. This is where I took a risk on lap 5 of 8 attacking up the hill to try and get away to bridge to the front group. I went in too hot on the first corner of the descent and well and truly cooked it. (You can view the video all over social media) I was desperate, the race was disappearing up the road, and it was now or never. So what do you do when you crash? You get up, dust yourself off, get back on the horse and keep fighting! I managed to remount and catch back onto the chase group on the remainder of the descent. With perfect positioning coming into T2 another curve ball was thrown with a couple of athletes colliding and crashing in front of me enabling me to get slightly tangled. Leaving me to exit transition last! Wow, this day just keeps heading south! I ran on a bit of anger in the 10km and thought, why me? Why this race that I wanted to do so well in? Toughen up princess went through the head numerous times and I managed to keep it together crossing the line in 14th having a sprint finish for 12th and 13th place. Down on what I wanted and expected. It’s a race I can draw back on in time and use when things are going well. Thanks again to everyone for their kind messages of support pre and post. None of it goes unnoticed. Also to my sponsors who allow me to keep living my dream I
thankyou all very much. Next up is Stockholm and then onto Chicago for the Grand Final at the end of September where I’ll look to keep improving on my current
7th place raking in the series
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